If you’re considering a move to Spring Texas, there may be a few things you would like to know about your new home city. Life in Spring can be not only economically beneficial but it can also offer you a vibrant lifestyle to boot. As the next door neighbor to the Greater Houston area, residents of Spring will also get all the perks from living in a larger city but without all the hassles to go with it. As a matter of fact, this holds true for all of Spring’s surrounding neighborhoods. As they tell us at,


“Where Houston TX ends Spring TX begins. And without a “Welcome to Spring TX” sign, you never knew you just left one city and entered another. The areas blending together hold true for other areas too as where Spring TX ends either Cypress, Tomball, the Woodlands, or Humble begins.”


So for those who choose to live in Spring, you get the benefits of all the other surrounding cities as well.


You’re In Texas


Probably one of the best benefits for living in Spring is that you get to live in Texas. That in and of itself has its own share of advantages. Considering the fact that Texas does not have a state income tax, you get to keep a lot more of your money in your pocket. This can go a long way in stretching the dollar for families trying to make ends meet.


Downtown the Old Fashioned Way


Spring is a city that cherishes its ties to the past. Old Town Spring is the closest thing that you’ll find for a downtown district. Once an old railroad center, residents of spring can now get their shopping in, dine at quaint little restaurants and take in some of the historical feel of the community all at the same time. According to,


“Shoppers can stroll along tree-lined streets or relax in the gazebos and benches throughout the town. Browse through over 150 shops-boutiques, museums, galleries, restaurants, and antique shops. … History lovers can wander through the Old Town Spring Museum … the early days of Spring and the culture of the era.”


It’s the perfect spot for someone who may have tired of the hectic lifestyle of the larger community and is looking for something simpler to enrich their lives. And with festivals and special events happening throughout the year, life in Spring will be richly rewarding every day.




You’ll will also be in a prime location within close proximity to many other areas in Texas. If you like to get out from time to time then you’ll enjoy the fact that you’re only 1.5 hours from Galveston, 3.5 hours to San Antonio, Dallas, and Austin, not to mention loads of other places. This means that when you want to take a short get away and just relax for a while you’ll have easy access to cruises, resorts, and all sorts of weekend vacation spots.


Best Way to Learn About Spring


It is easy to read up on a new city through a number of online sources. These sources can provide you with a wealth of information that can be very valuable in assisting you in a decision. But the best way to learn about a city like Spring is really to get up close and personal with it. As they explain at the Spring-Klein Chamber of Commerce,


“We invite you to visit Spring, shop at our unique boutiques and stores, allow your family to spend time at our amazing parks, improve your golf game … and dine at restaurants that give you a real taste of Spring and its unique flavor. It’s a great place to do business and a wonderful place to call home.”


So, whether you’re interested in a place that is ideally situated near everything that can make life truly worth living, you’re interested in a place that is vital and vibrant in the arts, culture, music, and sports, you’ll find that living in Spring apartments for rent can be more than you might have ever thought possible for a suburban community. It’s true, living in Spring will be the perfect blend between the incredibly modern lifestyle of nearby Houston and the simpler fare of days long gone.

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