Metal Roz Records Launches a Superhero Character for Children


Houston, TX – (EMAILWIRE) -- Metal Roz Records launches Alphabetical Man -- a superhero character who fights against human trafficking. Here is the origin of the newest children Superhero:


The background
Hieroglyphics within a secret chamber of the Pyramid of Khufu was discovered by lead arthrologist Dr. Michael Williams Jr and Billionaire Entrepreneur Charles "Chucky" Reese while conducting an excavation hoping to find hidden treasure.


Meanwhile those particular Egyptian writings depict what appears to have been a very horrific tale of war; above the stars between two dominant alien races, the Trisectazords and the Leszandians (Trisectazords, being good and the Leszandians, being evil) all while being paralleled, alongside with a list of unspeakable prophecies destined to be fulfilled before this planet ignite in flames; according to the ancient Egyptians from the days of Pharaoh Khufu. 


But now here's what seems to be completely unclear, it's the mentioning of a crashing of one of the Trisectazords spacecraft that leaves out specific details as to whether it was a direct result of something mechanical, an accidental collision or a casualty during conflict and battle.


However, this story contains prophecies that are now being fulfilled after over 4,000 years.


These events once kept secret by the Egyptians speaks about a heterosexual teenager who's highly intelligent and intellectually inclined, 6 ft tall, with a muscular build, weighing 260 lbs. by the name of Mark Anthony Williams (son of Patricia and Willie Williams), one with a pure heart who would be on an expedition from a foreign land with a small religious group, only to end up finding, a portion of the wreckage of the Trisectazords spacecraft that crashed into the Mediterranean Sea, as he ran across it's coastline for one of his morning exercises.


But now strangely enough, it also speaks about Mark's circumstances being controlled, in order that he would discover the small chest-like object containing what became known as the Book of Languages.


In fact, it specifically talks about how Mark was the only entity that was found worthy to open the Book of Languages and experience the powers thereof.


But nevertheless, the historian author from the days of Pharaoh Khufu, paints the picture of how this athletic built, strong, fierce, yet kind and compassionate teenager Mark Anthony Williams would be attempting to pry into the casing of this strange object, only to witness how it mysteriously starts ascending and flashing multiple lights, letters, alphabets, words and phrases as it hypnotized him into pronouncing, spelling and pronouncing the phrase CLOTHE ME. 


And then as remarkable as it may sound, within a blink of an eye, that odd object that became known as the Book of Languages clothed him.


It was as if the book wrapped itself around Mark with all of its pages forming his Superhero attire.


And thus was the beginning of a new dark skinned Superhero with elite Martial Arts skills, supreme strength and speed; who was not only able to levitate, but also fly.


And as expected, with this gift, came new responsibilities.


In fact, Mark's adversaries would soon find out that he's also capable of spelling things into existence (illiteracy and crime will eventually come to an end).


Inhabitants of planet Earth, finally there's a Superhero that's not only a crime fighter but also a highly intelligent educator and protector of children that's tearing down human trafficking circles (one by one, all over the world).


In this context, a Superhero is born.  Metal Roz Records  humbly presents Alphabetical Man to the world. Here's a rap video of Alphabetical Man:,  and here's where to purchase Alphabetical Man's theme song:

Alphabetical Man is capable of causing a whirlwind of alphabets to surround him as a hedge of protection from danger. The alphabets that would twist, turn and spin around him are sharp as razor blades and yet stronger than any material known to mankind.


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