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(EMAILWIRE.COM)  ImpulseEdge Corporation announced it launched ImpulseChat, a live chat tool which allows businesses to auto-insert clients with interest directly, into a live chat on the business website, an alternative to WhatsApp business chat.  The company announced the product is available effective today at 

“e-Commerce is our focus, auto-insert takes visitors with interest in a product or service directly into live chat and engagement with the business or business owner. WhatsApp Business chat tool is used by many businesses to drive audiences directly into live chat, but it is done away from the business website where the products or services reside, in many cases at additional data cost.  “Our goal is to create a more productive experience for businesses and their customers with auto insert, chat requests, driving audiences from ad campaigns or other marketing activities, and directly into the website live chat said, Kayode Aladesuyi/CCO.

Corona Virus is transforming business practices globally, online, live engagement is a must have tool for businesses to sustain revenue and growth. ImpulseChat offers web chat with “auto-insert” feature which allows businesses to drive audiences directly into live chat whether from Ad campaigns, social media pages or any other sources at no additional costs. The audio notification is part of the solution and an essential tool for a business owner who must attend to customers personally or may be on business calls, to provide immediate response to visitor’s chat requests. It can be the difference between lost revenue and a sale. “With changes forced on us by Corona Virus we saw an opportunity for effective live chat tool for businesses at just $0.99 cent per month said Deolu Esho, Director, Business Development.    

 **WhatsApp Business Chat is a product of Facebook Corporation.

About ImpulseChat

ImpulseChat is a product of US based ImpulseEdge Corporation, developer of online engagement tools, using AI, Text to Voice, BOT, and Machine Learning technology. ImpulseChat provides low cost, effective business chat module for live engagement, lead generation and better conversion rates. ImpulseChat offers powerful business tools, such as monitoring excess wait time, chat by department, custom chat color tool, message log for after hour contacts, chat log for management decisions, online/offline tools and messages, audio notification for responses, access level management, reports etc.  Available to businesses at just $0.99cent per month for up to 2 agents and each additional agent at $0.99. The service is scalable for small/medium and large enterprises. Visit: .


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